What is the format for Submission photos/videos?

For photos JPEG and PNG, for videos MP4 and MOV will be accepted. Still images must be less than 3 megabytes and videos must be less than 200 megabytes.

Is it okay to submit multiple times?

Yes! You may make multiple Submissions for the same theme, and submit multiple times for different themes.

Is it possible to submit to past themes?

Yes! All themes on the official Campaign website are open to Submissions during the entire Campaign Period. It is also possible to submit photos/videos you have taken in the past.

Can photos/videos that have already been posted on SNS be submitted?

Yes, as long as it is an image taken by the Entrant it may be submitted. For those submitting through Instagram, the following hashtags are required in your post: #tokyotokyo, #20cheersfortokyo and the specified theme hashtag (EX. #japanesefood)

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